Wealth Protection

Wealth Preservation would be easier if we could lock our wealth up and not worry about the myriad of threats to our resources. But we can't just lock it up because "wealth" is not just money but our total resources such as good health, home, family, talents, future income generating potential, ideas and, of course, the savings and investments we've accumulated to date.

Threats include inflation, poor investment choices, poor career decisions, death or disability of a family provider or care giver, natural disasters, major illness or injury, lack of budgeting, other people's poor choices, lost employment, world events, economic down turns, unexpected need to help family members and many more.

Many of the above threats can be avoided by simply asking for advice before an action is taken. Others, like a natural disaster or a death require advance preparation in the form of paying a "known cost" to help avoid an "unknown cost" that a disaster or death can bring to your family.

This is called "Risk Management". It is also called "insurance" - the known cost paid to avoid an unknown cost that could be not only monetary but also emotional and potentially generational in its impact.

Insurance provides a crucial defense from life's uncertainties, and can provide you reassurance that your loved ones will be provided for.

We will work with you to identify your current insurance and the intentions behind your current insurance. From there, we will focus on whether there is an additional need for income or asset replacement, tax efficiency, estate preservation, or the continuation of your business.

Finally, we will compare your current insurance with your objectives and discuss with you the results and, if need be, assist you to prioritize the risks that should be covered first.

We will strive to bring objectivity and clarity to the process so that you are able to properly weigh your alternatives, costs and risks.

Once it is determined what is needed, we will work with our insurance professionals to take bids from highly rated insurance companies to help ensure what you pay is both competitive and fits your needs.

Be confident by being prepared for the storms of life that come in everyone's life. Insure your resources. Take care of your family.